What is Cash2.1?

Cash2.1 ( Cellular Automata in Simulated Hardware 2.1) is an easy-to-use library to make a program simulating Cellular Automata (CAs). It is based on Cash (RJ de Boer & AD Staritsk) and was further developed by Nobuto Takeuchi and Bram van Dijk, and used in the course Computational Biology given by Paulien Hogeweg at Utrecht University.

Cash2.1 – An example CA exhibiting chaotic wave patterns of mutualists and cheaters

Downloading and installation

The software is freely* available for download here. A complete user manual is available for usage and installation.

* The distribution of the program and the manual is allowed but the distribution of modified copies is not allowed. Suggestions and corrections are welcome. This software uses CASH (RJ de Boer & AD Staritsky) and Mersenne Twister (M Matsumoto & T Nishimura).